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Why Learn Microneedling?
Microneedling is one of the world's most popular skin care services for fast and dramatic client results. Safely and effectively treating a wide variety of skin conditions, microneedling is a MUST HAVE service on your menu.

With over a decade of experience in the most innovative and trusted skincare technologies, our microneedling training course will enable you to become a specialist in this treatment. Our qualified trainer will be with you every step of the way, even supporting you after the completion of this course to ensure you perform this therapy to the highest level.

Whether you are brand new to microneedling we'll teach you everything you need to know from A-Z, so that you can begin offering this powerful treatment right away.

If you already perform microneedling, we'll show EXACTLY how to maximize it in your business for optimal client results and huge profits!

*No prior experience required*
  • Get fully trained at your own pace and get Derma Pro Certified.
  • Course taught by microneedling specialists
  • IImage A.D.S Derma Pro microneedling pen device & body dermaroller + starter kit included.
  • ​Continued aftercare support with our team of experts + add cutting edge techniques to your portfolio
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"The course materials and manuals are excellent and the amount of support post course available is second to none. Caroline is always on hand to answer any questions I have via telephone, email or social media. I love the starter kits and skin products that come with the training and so do my clients. Incredible value considering the amount you get in your starer kit + your microneedling device. Couldn't recommend a better training course !" - Shauna ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What Do You Get?
Learn microneedling through our video training program, covering theoretical and practical instructions to perform microneedling.
Value Packed Training
A value packed course consisting of video, audio & demonstration modules as Caroline guides you through everything you need to know to Master Microneedling & become confident & competent in carrying this treatment out in your salon!
Upon successful completion you will receive a unique, personalized Image A.D.S Certificate of Achievement to add to your professional portfolio!
 No Expiration
Complete the course on your own time, at your own pace. Includes permanent, unlimited access with no additional fees, ever!
On-Going Support 24/7
You will become part of the Image A.D.S community. Even long after your training, you will always receive support and assistance whenever you need it. Just pop us an email/dm or pm/zoom call.
Access To Luma Skincare & Image A.D.S
You will gain access to Luma Skincare & Image A.D.S so you can stock up on all your microneedling supplies, creams, serums & skin tools at an exclusive wholesale price. You will also receive €100/$100 credit to use completely free on your first order.
Once Certified
Upon completion of the Derma Pro Microneedling Training you will be 

- Be able offer Microneedling safely and effectively.

- Able to offer treatments to help with a range of skin conditions including acne, scarring, lines, wrinkles and more

- Know how to formulate specific treatment plans for your clients to keep them coming back for more and the reason to come back for more to keep that income coming.
The Image A.D.S Derma Pro Microneedling Kit Includes...
  • Image A.D.S Derma Pro Microneedling Device
  • ​3x - Image A.D.S Pro Microneedling Roller
  • 10x - Image A.D.S Derma Pro Cartridges
  • ​2x - Luma Skincare Intense H.A 30ml
  • ​​1x - Luma Intense Peptide Cream 50ml
  • ​1x - Luma Skincare Defense SPF 30 50ml
  • ​​10x - Sheet Masks
  • ​​1x - Image A.D.S CHILL Ice Roller
  • ​1x - 1 Pack of Cleansing Sponges
  • ​Course Certificate Upon Completion
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Get the Complete Derma Pro Microneedling Course Plus Your Derma Pro Microneeedling Device & Starter Kit Completely FREE

What They Say About The Derma Pro Microneedling Training Course
One of the best courses I have taken. CAroline not only teaches you her microneedling techniques but also walks you through consultating the client, per/post care and a whole lot more. - Niamh K Jan 2023

Course is extremely detailed & I now have the confidence and tools to add this service to my business. The best part is that what I got included in my kit is enough to generate €1000+ in revenue for my clinic which is nearly 3x times more than what I paid to learn. Unbelievable training and fantastic return on spend. - Vanessa G Dec 2022
Easy to follow instructions, great training videos, great support from the trainers - 
Tara M Jan 2023
Carolines training was absolutely amazing, I couldn’t be happier with my experience. There are not many online courses that will include the amount of information and assistance as Caroline's. I was able to learn from the comfort of my own home while be confident performing a new service through her guidance and detailed training. I highly recommend her training course.
Maria J Nov 2022
Microneedling, also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy, rejuvenates the skin, making it smoother, firmer and more toned. Safely administered, microneedling carries no risk to the client and no downtime. Delivered using a dermaroller or an automated pen, the device is gently passed across the surface of the skin, creating superficial punctures that stimulate a natural healing process.
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Derma Pro Course Curriculum
Module 1  - Microneedling Theory
      Chapter 1
  • Defintion of microneedling
  • ​Purpose of microneedling
  • ​History of microneedling
  • ​Wound healing
  • ​Terms of microneedling
      Chapter 2
  • Key features of the Derma Pro Device
  • ​Derma Pro Pen Vs Derma Pro Roller
  • ​Needle Depth
      Chapter 3
  • Client selection
  • ​Benefits of microneedling
      Chapter 4
  • Skin assessment & analysis
  • ​Informed consent
  • ​Initial consultation
  • ​Treatment tips
  • ​Treatment set-up & preparation
      Chapter 5
  • Microneedling contraindications
  • ​Microneedling cautions
  • ​Microneedling treatment clean up
  • ​Lymphatic drainage facial technique
Module 2  - Microneedling Demonstration
  •  Pre cleanse, cleanse & perfrom skin analysis
  • ​Numbing agent
  • ​Second cleanse
  • ​Needling type & disinfect
  • ​Treatment serum & microneedling demonstration & technique
  • ​Calm, hydrate cryo mask treatment
  • ​Repair & restore
  • ​Protect
  • ​Healing + Indications
  • ​Derma Pro Microneedling Roller technique overview
Module 3 - Microneedling Documents & Paperwork
  • Microneedling theory
  • ​Microneedling consultation & consent forms
  • ​Microneedling checklist
  • ​Microneedling protocols
  • ​Retail Manual
Module 4 - Get Your Certificate
  • You must now video and perform the treatment. If our trainers are satisfied that your are confident and competent in carrying out the treatment successfully, your certificate will be sent out. 
Module 5 - Ordering supplies
  • Steps on how to order/re-order your supplies for your salon.
Microneedling Benefits
Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is a safe and non-invasive cosmetic treatment using a microneedling device. This process activates growth factors, which leads to increased production of collagen and elastin which promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

This treats can heal a number of skin conditions and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, sun damaged skin, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, scars, acne scarring & melasma, stretch marks cellulite and more.
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • ​Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture and plumps skin
  • ​Reduces pore size
  • ​​Reduces the appearance of acne scars and other scarring
  • ​Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • ​​Evens out skin tone
Hey! I’m Caroline Hooper, and I'll be your Microneedling Trainer!
My name is Caroline Hooper. I am the CEO and director of Havana Skin Clinics & Sensius Laser Hair Removal & Skin Clinics & Co-Founder of Image A.D.S. I set up Image A.D.S initially back in 2018 for consumers to get quality high end skincare products at a fraction of the cost by cutting out the middle men. 

In 2021, we branched out into our professional range, which is where microneedling came in. Our clinics are constantly busy week in week out with micorneedling treatments and is a staple treatment in our clinics. I was always asked by other industry professionals how to incorporate this treatment successfully into their business. 

You see, performing the treatment is only half the battle. The other half is client care, client selection, client consultations, aftercare, device selection to name a few. So in 2022 we decided to set up a training class 2x a month for salons to sign up and get fully trained in Microneedling. It was in such demand, that we had to turn clients away as we only operate on a small class group. This in turn lead to converting the training into an online course to give access to our clients who can't make it to Dublin or who we can't schedule in. Owning & operating a popular chain of clinics I understand the business side of the industry as well as I understands the science.

We’ve compacted all our years of research, testing, and innovating into modules so you walk away with a thorough understanding of microneedling and what it means to safely and effectively perform microneedling procedures.
Why You Should Get Trained In Microneedling & Offer It To Your Clients!
✅By being trained in microneedling, you will be able to offer a wider range of services to your clients, which can attract new business and increase revenue for your business.
✅By understanding the science behind the procedure, you will be able to create personalized treatment plans for your clients and achieve optimal results.
✅The procedure is safe, minimally invasive, and has minimal recovery time, making it an attractive option for clients looking for a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of their skin.
✅As the demand for microneedling increases, getting trained and offering it in your business could set you apart from others, making you a go-to for the treatment in your area.
✅Microneedling can improve a wide range of skin concerns
✅The procedure can be performed on most areas of the body, including face, neck, décolletage, and hands, which can increase the range of services you can offer to your clients.
✅The procedure has a relatively low cost of entry, making it an affordable addition to your business.
 How Do I Get My Certificate
Once you’ve completed your online training course, you need to upload & email a video of yourself performing the treatment. Your microneedling skills will be evaluated by our qualified team and you’ll receive a detailed feedback report. When you’ve demonstrated the required skill, you’ll be rewarded with your Image A.D.S Certificate of Achievement
Full support and detailed practical guidelines is provided throughout the course.
Is the Microneedling Course For Me
The Derma Pro Microneedling course is available to anyone who wants to learn. We have designed all our training for begginners with no experience in the industry or advanced aestheticians who want to add services into their current menu of services in their spa/clinic/salon or private studio.
I have purchased my course, when can the module open ?
You will find an automated email from us (please check your junk mail if you do not have it within your usual mailbox) as we guide you to the creation of your account. Once your account is made, you can log in and begin your training. 
I have purchased my course, but I have not received email to create my account
If it has been over 24 hours since you purchased the training course, please email info@image-ads.com and they will grant you access into the course to create your account. 
What kind of support do you offer for your online students?
We love our students to have a connection and communication with their trainer over emails and/or zoom calls, so if you have purchased this workshop or any of our workshops, just send us an email and we can assist via Whatsapp/email or scheduled zoom calls. 
How long does the course take and how long do I have to take to complete it
We would recommend to take this course in chunks so you do not get overloaded. There are multiple modules to the course and each module has a series of videos and demonstrations. For most people, completing the course does not require more than a 1 day, although this will depend on prior knowledge and preparedness level..
 Will I Be Able to Ask Questions About the Material?
Absolutely! Upon enrollment you will become a welcome part of our Image A.D.S community and we are happy to help. You can email any questions or thoughts to to Caroline & her team at info@image-ads.com or through or socials. We respond to 100% of student inquiries in a timely manner.

Refund Policy
14 days to claim your refund if you completed under 20% of the course & starter kit & device is returned. T&Cs apply
 Want more information?
For more information, email our enquiries team: info@image-ads.com. **You should check insurance can be attained post training before purchasing course.
 Prefer to train in person?
Contact us via email at info@image-ads.com and we will give you the upcoming available dates for in person training.
Why More & More salons are switching over to Image A.D.S Derma Pro Microneedling
  • We identify customer needs meet them with potent formulations and optimal performance tools.
  • Training is at the heart of everything we do, we have identified that through education, everyone wins
  • ​Continuous on-going support even after your training is completed. 
  • No expensive set up costs. Full kit is included in your online training package, enough to do 10 treatments plus your Derma Pro Microneedling Device. In total you are making a savings of over €550
  • ​No inflated opening packages or no minimum orders - place orders by E-Mail, WhatsApp or actually talk to us, we’re always there to help!
  • ​Gain access to one of the fastest growing skincare brands
  • ​We are 100% confident that our products deliver results so we can comfortably offer a money back guarantee to all on professional or retail.
Have Questions?
Email Us With Any Questions You May Have And We'll Get Right On It.
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